What to Know About Candidate Experience… In 140 Characters

What to Know About Candidate Experience… In 140 Characters

Michael Altiero

Everywhere you look in the recruiting world today you find people talking about candidate experience. From HR leaders to recruiters, to jobseekers themselves, candidate experience is the hot-button topic in talent acquisition.

Despite the popularity, many companies (including some of the largest in the world!) are still offering below-average experiences to their candidates. So what can be done to improve the candidate experience in 2016?

Sarah Brennan, CEO, Principal Advisor, and Founder of Accelir, was our special guest for our #RecruitWithData Twitter chat to discuss candidate experience and how companies (and recruiters) can improve it. In case you missed out, here is a quick recap:

Why is having a positive Candidate Experience important for companies today?

How can recruiters help create a great Candidate Experience?

What are some consequences of having a poor Candidate Experience?

How can recruiting metrics help provide a better Candidate Experience?

Does being a Data-Driven Recruiting organization make it easier to provide a better Candidate Experience?

Thanks again to everyone who joined yesterday’s #RecruitWithData chat. It was a great discussion on candidate experience and how it impacts recruiting and HR. A special thank you to Sarah Brennan for being a great guest! Be on the lookout for information about July’s #RecruitWithData chat guest, topic, and date.

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