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Q3 2018 Product Release Highlights

Learn about the latest Jibe Recruiting Cloud product announcements launched over the last quarter that will help your organization attract, engage and hire talent faster.

Matt Geffken

Treat your job data like you would your partner

Job Data

While I’ve experienced a few of my own, I lack the necessary qualifications to give proper relationship advice. However, I’m uniquely qualified to give job search advice.  As VP of Product at Jibe, I’ve facilitated, processed, and/or analyzed over 300,000,000 job searches during my tenure. In my quasi-professional opinion, I have concluded that you want […]

Matt Geffken

Jibe and Google Cloud’s Talent Solution improves job search for veterans

Today Jibe announced the availability of the Google Cloud Talent Solution feature for job search that allows US military service members and veterans to enter their military occupational specialty code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) and find relevant civilian jobs that require similar skills to those used in their military roles. An estimated 250,000 military members enter civilian life each […]

Eddie Lempenski

What we’ve learned since GDPR took effect

On May 25,  the GDPR privacy regulations took effect.  GDPR expands the privacy rights of EU-based individuals and places further obligations on organizations that process EU citizens’ personal data.  Because of the potentially large fines of up to 4% of revenues, many companies scrambled to be ready as the regulations took effect.  As May 25 […]

David Wright

What Career Sites and Kevin from Home Alone have in common

You’ve been working hard on a new wave of requisitions. Getting budgets allocated, carefully tailoring job descriptions to attract that perfect candidate and finally, you’re ready to post. But then it hits you. Just like it hit Mrs. McCallister in Home Alone when she realized she left her son behind — your career site has […]

Kevin Lee

Bootstrap your Employer Brand

  Bootstrap your Employer Brand The emphasis on employer brand is surging as companies realize that the candidate experience can make or break someone’s willingness to apply.  Not long ago, employer branding may have been a fraction of a company’s marketing department, an afterthought of targeting buyers and clients. As the job market steadily grows […]

Adrian Hendershot

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