Social Network Analytics… In 140 Characters Or Less

Social Network Analytics… In 140 Characters Or Less

Michael Altiero

When most people hear “social networks,” they automatically assume you are referring to social media. But social networks extend far beyond the Internet. And these networks can and do have profound effects on organizations.

This is why HR and recruiting should take notice of social network analytics when looking to implement a people analytics strategy. What is social network analytics and how does it impact HR? This was the topic we discussed yesterday during our #RecruitWithData Twitter chat with Dr. Michael M. Moon, Founder & Principal Consultant at MMM & Associates.

If you were unable to attend, here is a quick recap of yesterday’s #RecruitWithData chat:

What is social network analysis and how can it be used for HR?

How can recruiters and hiring managers use social network analysis for talent acquisition?

What advice would you give HR leaders who want to incorporate social network analytics into their strategy?

Are there legal concerns organizations should be aware of when applying a social network analytic approach to HR or recruiting?

Thanks again to everyone who joined us for the chat and a special thank you to Michael for being an awesome guest. Be on the lookout for information about May’s #RecruitWithData chat guest, topic, and date!

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