#RecruitWithData: Big Data as a Talent Acquisition and Management Accelerator

#RecruitWithData: Big Data as a Talent Acquisition and Management Accelerator

Mike Roberts

We’re only into February, but the theme of this year already seems to be breaking down the barriers of convention with recruiting data. Experts have been saying for quite a long time now, big data has the potential to completely change everything we know about hiring, promotion, and development.

Datanami recently shared some analysis of a new Gartner report. They said, “By 2018, it predicts more than half of large global enterprises will leverage analytics and proprietary algorithms on secure platforms. The market watcher also sees a growing list of retail, financial and even professional sports applications as practitioners struggling to come up with big data strategies finally begin reaping a return on their investment.”

Although there’s been much more discussion than action around big data in recruiting specifically in the past few years, we expect more companies than ever to take their first steps in the big data journey in 2016.

Our Next #RecruitWithData Twitter Chat

To shed some light on using big data in your talent acquisition and management efforts, we’ll be focusing on this topic in our next Twitter chat. On February 22, 1-2p.m. EST, join us as we spend the hour with Chief Data Scientist at Development Dimensions International (DDI), Evan Sinar.

Evan has been researching and writing about Talent Management and Analytics for more than fifteen years now. He heads up DDI’s center for Analytics and Behavioral Research. He and his team of expert measurement specialists help companies across the world make better business decisions with the support of research and data.

Here’s a few articles recently published by Evan:

During our chat, we’ll be asking Evan a variety of questions on the use of big data in talent acquisition. Here’s a few we’ll be covering (in case you want to get your answers ready!):

  • What are some mistakes HR leaders make when it comes to Big Data?
  • What specific data points should leaders look to when making data-driven promotion decisions?
  • How can employee development be improved with the use of Big Data?
  • What are some of the next big trends for Big Data in HR?
  • What legal or ethical issues arise with HR using Big Data?

Follow along and participate in our chat with Evan on February 22, 1-2p.m. EST, with the hashtag #RecruitWithData. See you there!

For more information on data and analytics in recruiting, check out our new eBook, “An Exploration into the Depths of Recruiting Analytics.”

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