Inspecting The Real Purpose Behind Quality of Hire Measurements

Inspecting The Real Purpose Behind Quality of Hire Measurements

Mike Roberts

There’s an old saying: What you don’t measure doesn’t get improved. But what if the thing you’re trying to improve has a long history of being difficult to measure? Welcome to the quality of hire discussion.

The benefits of higher quality—better—employees may be obvious, but coming to a conclusion on what constitutes “quality” is a bit more complex. And recruiters and hiring managers have been talking about (sometimes arguing over) this topic for quite some time.

Along with Todd Raphael, editor-in-chief at ERE, Rob McIntosh, chief analyst at ERE and a former talent acquisition leader at numerous global organizations dug into quality of hire in a webinar last week. The two explored the metric and shared data on the following:

  • The real purpose of quality of hire metrics
  • Some good (and not so good) ways to think about quality of hire
  • Who is responsible for measuring quality of hire and what do we do with the results?
  • The role of technology vs. humans in measuring hire quality
  • How many companies are measuring quality of hire in a meaningful way?

In case you missed it, you can see a recording of the webinar below:

Webinar: Let’s Talk Quality of Hire

Although many recruiters say quality of hire is the most important performance indicator today, they don’t actually have a way to measure it. This is a topic we’ll be inspecting at a deeper level on the Data-Driven Recruiter blog in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, please feel free to share your thoughts on the quality of hire metric or calculation in the comments section below.

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