Getting Ahead With Predictive Analytics in Recruiting

Getting Ahead With Predictive Analytics in Recruiting

Mike Roberts

There’s a daunting amount of information being created every millisecond of every day. While too many human resources professionals are still standing on the sidelines scratching their heads over what to do with all of this data, a growing crowd of forward-thinkers is already using it to support strategic decisions in their organization. Some are even using it to predict impacts and outcomes of their decisions.

Between now and 2020, we will no doubt hear an increasing amount of experts and practitioners talking about the idea of predictive analytics in recruiting. Along the path to operational maturity, it only makes sense that as businesses start using data more in general, they will become more proactive with their decision-making, and ultimately more predictive. During a podcast in late 2015, HCI explored the topic of predictive analytics with Greta Roberts, co-founder and CEO of Talent Analytics.

Greta discussed challenges organizations face when working to implement an analytics program, then went into several ways to achieve “quick wins” to demonstrate value and attain stakeholder buy-in for larger scale analytics projects. You can listen to the podcast below.

Predictive Workforce Playbook: Building a Business Case for Analytics

We love the topic of predictive analytics in recruiting, and we’ll be discussing it more in the near future on the Data Driven Recruiter blog.

One thing that stood out during the podcast with Greta was the list of challenges she shared. People are overwhelmed by the very idea of starting with predictive analytics, but once they see the possibilities they want to apply the mechanism to every decision they have to make. Finding the right middle ground between those extremes will be key for anyone getting on the path toward using data more strategically.

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