Four For Friday: How Can You Use HR Data? Let’s Count the Ways

Four For Friday: How Can You Use HR Data? Let’s Count the Ways

Michael Altiero

How does your team use HR data and analytics? Chances are the ways you use it differ from how other teams from other organizations do. One of the interesting things about the use of data in HR is that there are so many different areas where it can be used.

This week’s Four For Friday explores the many ways to use HR data and analytics. Do you use data in any of these ways? How about in other areas? Let us know by tweeting at us @RecruitDDR and by using #RecruitWithData!

Talent Analytics: A Crystal Ball For Your Workforce? (Meghan Biro)

Should HR ditch the human aspect and gut-feel decision-making in favor of analytics? Meghan Biro says not so fast. However, she does say that Talent Analytics can be a big help. “HR is all about humans— with so many different behaviors, skills, intelligence, and mindsets that you can’t simply quantify someone. But Talent Analytics can do a whole lot of the heavy lifting. You just have to know how to use it,” says Meghan. Check out her post to learn more.

Get That Seat At The Table Using Metrics To Look Forward (TLNT)

“Over the years, human resources has been bumped down lower and lower on the influencer list in organizations, and losing what seats professionals ever had at the executive table. This shift has been largely caused by HR’s increasing focus on operational tasks. Consequently, HR is seen as a support group rather than a strategic influencer,” says Julie Holmes, Director of Product at Hubble. But by understanding and using metrics, HR can reverse this trend and be seen as an extremely valuable business area.

Serious about diversity? Measure rigorously! (HR Trend Institute)

“I am now more convinced that if you are really serious about diversity (not only gender diversity, of course) it helps if you start measuring rigorously,” says Tom Haak, Founder and Director of the HR Trend Institute. Tom’s post explores how you can measure your diversity, and why it is important if you truly want to become a more diverse company.

Big Data in Campus Recruiting (Recruiting Blogs)

College recruiting is an important part of most talent acquisition strategies. It is also a very difficult job that is only getting harder as we enter the age of Generation Z. So how can recruiting leaders attempt to make it easier? According to this post from Recruiting Blogs, the answer is by using Big Data. Check out this post to learn how you can implement data into your college recruiting efforts.

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