Four For Friday: Big Data for Recruiters

Four For Friday: Big Data for Recruiters

Michael Altiero

Big data can be an intimidating thought, even to those who have experience using it to its fullest potential. So it’s not too surprising that recruiting has been hesitant to embrace this growing trend. Yet, the advantages it can bring are hard to overlook.

This week’s Four For Friday takes a look at how recruiters can better understand and use big data, including some business advantages that may change your mind. After all, big data can be for recruiters, too.

Data Analytics: What Recruiters Can Learn From Sports (

“The world of sports – including the MLB, the NFL, and the NBA – has embraced data analysis, leaving behind the days when decisions were made according to hunches. Now, coaches and managers regularly use data analysis to see which players are truly helping them win,” says Dash Davidson, Senior Data Analyst at Tableau. Dash goes on to explain how the same can work for recruiting. Check out his post on the blog to learn more.

5 Key HR Metrics Your HRMS Should Be Measuring (HRMS World)

Are you looking to deliver value to your business? Heather Batyski, HRMS analyst and consultant, says that understanding and measuring the following 5 metrics can help you do just that:

  1. New Hire Turnover
  2. Appraisal Level Versus Pay Range
  3. Exit Interview Comparison To Job Acceptance Factors
  4. HR Spend Compared To Revenue
  5. Employee And Manager Interaction With The HRMS

Learn more about each metric in Heather’s post on the HRMS World blog.

Big Data Is Better Predictor For Employee Recruitment And Retention Than Resumes (Huffington Post Blog)

Michael Rosenbaum, Chairman and CEO of Arena, says that resumes are not the best predictors for who will make a good hire. “Resumes, on their own, correlate highly with socioeconomic status, but not that well with talent. Interviews are equally troubling – arguably more useful for recruiting than for predicting whether a candidate is a good fit,” he says. This is where Big Data comes into play for recruiting. Check out Michael’s post on the Huffington Post Blog to learn how your talent acquisition team can better use Big Data.

How Big Data Is Changing Recruitment Forever (Bernard Marr/Data Informed)

Big data is drastically changing the business world, and recruiting is no exception. Bernard Marr, an expert on Big Data and bestselling author, explores this trend in his post on the Data Informed blog. “I feel that the application of big data in recruitment is one of the most exciting areas of development so stay tuned for more on this topic soon,” he says. Be sure to check out his article, and check back for more from Bernard in the near future!

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