Four For Friday: Why Are HR & Recruiting Analytics So Challenging?

Four For Friday: Why Are HR & Recruiting Analytics So Challenging?

Michael Altiero

Many times, the most rewarding things in life can be the most challenging. The business world is no exception, with companies spending considerable time and money to overcome new challenges in order to reach new levels of success.

For HR teams and leaders, there is perhaps no bigger challenge than the rise of analytics. For what has predominantly been a “gut-feel” business function, analytics and data have begun to pose new problems, but also offer massive upside if they can be properly used. However, there are many challenges facing HR and recruiting analytics. This week’s Four For Friday digs a little deeper into why this is the case and how leaders can overcome these challenges.

3 Ways You Can Measure The Quality Of A Hire (ERE)

One of the most important recruiting metrics, according to many HR and recruiting experts, is Quality Of Hire. This one metric can tell you a lot about what is and isn’t working within your recruiting and hiring strategy. “But here is the problem: Measuring quality of hire is insanely difficult. So difficult, in fact, that most companies never bother to measure it,” says John Gates, a corporate recruiting strategist. John goes on to provide a few ways that you can start measuring this important metric in his post on the ERE blog.

7 Challenges that People Analytics Must Overcome (Andrew Spence)

“I am excited about the role People Analytics will play in transforming organizations. I have seen some real success stories where organizations have incorporated more data-driven decisions about people and work, says Andrew Spence, Founder of Glass Bead Consulting. However, the adoption of People Analytics is still low due to various challenges within the HR world. Learn about each of them in Andrew’s post on the Glass Bead Consulting blog.

The Metrics That Really Matter in Recruiting – And the Ones You Can Ignore (Lou Adler)

“In recruiting, some people think reducing time to fill or cost per hire is the big target. But, these are tactical targets, not strategic ones. In reality, the target should be achieving some big strategic objective, like maximizing quality of hire. In fact, activity or efficiency metrics become counterproductive if they mask activity for progress,” says Lou Adler. He goes on to provide a few recruiting metrics that you should track, which include:

  • The Quality of Candidates
  • Number of candidates who say yes to discussing the opportunity
  • Referred candidates per call
  • Interviews per hire

Learn more about these metrics and others in Lou’s latest post.

The People Analytics Interviews: #2 – Mark Berry (David Green)

David Green, one of the leading experts in HR and People Analytics, continues his “The People Analytics Interviews” podcast by talking with Mark Berry, Vice President of Human Resources at CGB Enterprises. Together they discuss analytics in HR and the many obstacles that organizations face when trying to become more data-driven. Be sure to check out this podcast if you want to learn more about people analytics!

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