Four For Friday: Trends To Know In HR & Recruiting Analytics in 2016

Four For Friday: Trends To Know In HR & Recruiting Analytics in 2016

Michael Altiero

Staying up-to-speed (and ahead) on current trends is part of the job for managers and teams in every function in a business. Often times, being ahead of the curve when it comes to a new trend can mean establishing that much sought after competitive advantage.

When it comes to HR and recruiting, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) trends is data analytics. Yet many leaders and teams are not sure what to do with this growing business area. This week’s Four For Friday has gathered articles that explain what you need to know in HR and recruiting analytics.

What Business Trends Are Accelerating HR Analytics Adoption? (Tripp Braden)

In the first of a series of blog posts, Tripp Braden shares four business trends that are increasing the speed of HR analytics adoption:

  1. The rise of more complicated teams working together across organizations
  2. The issue of workforce engagement
  3. How you compensate your workforce
  4. Increasing competition to attract, recruit, and hire the best people

“HR analytics allows you not only to provide a more competitive offer, but also the right offer to get the candidate to come work with you,” says Tripp. Check out his post to learn more about each of these trends as well as when you can expect to see the next installment in his series!

4 Things Managers Need To Know About Data (Forbes)

“Data has been called the new oil and for good reason. While as recently as a decade ago our ability to use data effectively was limited by technology, today our access is nearly unlimited,” says Greg Satell. He goes on to provide the following four things managers today need to know about working with data:

  1. Ask the right questions
  2. Prepare your data carefully and apply a “sanity” test
  3. Methods matter
  4. Make the data tell a story

Learn about each of these in Greg’s post on the Forbes Tech blog.

Analytics, Data Changing Way Employers Recruit, Hire College Graduates (College Recruiter)

“Remember this: Analytics aren’t just used to make decisions on executives. Forward-thinking organizations are already using analytics and data to drive campus recruiting efforts and to recruit and hire recent college graduates and entry-level job seekers.” Check out this post on the College Recruiter blog to learn how data analytics can help your company improve your university recruiting strategy.

HR Best Practices Can Be Measured and Meaningful (HRCI)

We know that HR can, in fact, be measured. But can HR measure the right things? That is an important question as the rise of data analytics continues. “HR leaders say it can be done, but HR must overcome past perceptions and learn to think and behave strategically to coincide with business outcomes, not just HR outcomes,” says Barry Lawrence, staff writer for HRCI. Check out his post to learn more and improve how you measure your HR department.

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