Four For Friday: The Wide World of HR Analytics

Four For Friday: The Wide World of HR Analytics

Michael Altiero

World of HR analyticsEvery Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry.

HR analytics is a broad term. A lot of sub-topics—people analytics, recruiting metrics, predictive analytics, etc.—make up this interesting and important part of modern HR. And all of them are important to understand when creating an HR analytics strategy. The articles in this week’s Four For Friday take a look at and discuss the areas that make up the “Wide World” of HR Analytics.

The 21 best HR Analytics articles of 2015 (David Green)

“The growth of analytics within HR has been steady rather than spectacular, but I sense that 2016 could be the year of the great leap forward. Only 10-15% of organizations have what could be termed as ‘mature’ people analytics functions, but interest levels amongst the other 85-90% has arguably never been higher,” says David Green. To help those interested in the subject of HR analytics, David put together a list of his favorite people analytics articles from 2015. This is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about the subject.

The Most Annoying Things You Hear in HR Analytics (LinkedIn Pulse)

At the Workforce Analytics Summit in Singapore, a panel of industry experts were asked to share the most annoying question they were asked or comment they received related to HR analytics. Check out the article by Mihaly Nagy on LinkedIn Pulse to learn about their answers and provide your own.

Stop Your Talent Drain Using Analytics Technology (HR Zone)

How can HR leaders make the most out of areas like retention? According to Meredith Amdur, CEO of Wanted Analytics, the answer is data. “The ability to aggregate data and use key metrics to identify the best candidates can be the critical element to retaining the right people.” By using data, not only can HR improve their retention numbers, teams can also become more influential in strategic planning within their organization. Learn more in Meredith’s post on the HR Zone blog.

9 Ways of Measuring Talent and Recruiting Efforts (The Overture Group)

Today’s recruiters are faced with more challenges than ever before when trying to bring in the best candidates. In order to evolve and optimize a recruiting strategy, metrics need to be measured. The Overture Group provides the following 9 key metrics to track:

  1. Cost-Per-Hire
  2. Time-To-Hire
  3. Sourcing Channel
  4. Recruitment Yield Ratio
  5. Offer/Acceptance Rate
  6. Turnover
  7. Turnover Costs
  8. Retention Rates
  9. Tenure

Learn more about each metric by reading the latest post on the Overture Group blog.

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