Four For Friday: Preparing Your Recruiting and HR Teams For Analytics

Four For Friday: Preparing Your Recruiting and HR Teams For Analytics

Michael Altiero

A successful HR and recruiting analytics strategy requires careful planning and preparation. One of the most common reasons why analytics efforts in HR fail to meet expectations is that teams fall into the trap of using analytics just because it is the hot trend. This almost always results in a failed strategy.

But with careful planning and execution, analytics can be a game-changer for not only your recruiting and human resources teams, but also for your entire business. The articles in this week’s Four For Friday provide tips and tricks to help prepare your recruiting and HR teams for analytics success!

How You’re Missing Out By Not Measuring Quality of Hire (Social Talent)

“What is it about quality of hire that makes it so difficult to measure effectively?” asks Howard M Flint, Chief Strategy Officer at Talenytics. Despite many recruiting professionals knowing the importance of this metric, many are unable to track it effectively. This post on the Social Talent blog takes a look at why this is the case, and how your team can overcome it.

Talent Analytics Is The Future, And Here Is How To Make It Work (HRM Online)

When it comes to analytics in HR, oftentimes the best way to understand the impacts they can have is by actually seeing the positive results. In her post on the HRM Online blog, Rachael Brown, Digital Editor at Mahlab, explores how Flight Centre used talent analytics to help drive business success. Check out Rachael’s post to learn more!

Is Your Company Ready for HR Analytics? (MIT Sloan Management Review)

“Although we see many companies ramping up investments in HR analytics, we haven’t seen many success stories in that area yet. Because HR analytics is “the new kid on the block” in business analytics applications, we believe its practitioners can substantially benefit from lessons learned in applying analytics to customer-focused areas — and thus avoid many rookie mistakes and expensive beginner traps.” Learn more in this post on the MIT Sloan Management Review blog.

People Analytics: The Key Trend In Employee Engagement (HRD Magazine)

A mission for many companies as we get ready for 2017 is to boost employee engagement. Yet, many are not sure of where to start. That is where people analytics comes into play. “Growing numbers are using their employee recognition data to generate a range of important insights, with most using them to help optimize the performance of their recognition programs. Others are using them to draw correlations and, ideally, causal relationships, between recognition and overall engagement levels,” says Alan Heyward, Executive Manager at accumulate. Alan’s article on the HRD Magazine blog explores this further.

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