Four For Friday: Overcoming Big Data Issues in HR

Four For Friday: Overcoming Big Data Issues in HR

Michael Altiero

There are no two words that are causing more headaches in HR than Big Data. To many, just mentioning this phrase is enough to raise stress levels. So why do HR professionals even bother with Big Data?

The benefits that data and analytics can provide to HR teams (and to the business as a whole) are well documented, but so are the issues that come with it. But as Big Data adoption and use continue to rise, human resources must overcome the problems in order to use data to its fullest potential. Overcoming Big Data issues is the topic of this week’s Four For Friday.

Jobs Working With ‘Big Data’ Expected To Increase Considerably in Coming Years (SHRM)

“New research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and other organizations shows that demand for jobs working with big data will jump considerably in the coming years and that HR professionals need to be aware of this trend,” says Joseph Coombs, Senior Analyst for SHRM. This post on the SHRM blog dives into their Jobs Of The Future survey data, which sheds light into the growth of data analytics in HR. Check it out to learn more.

Big Issues Surrounding Big Data (HR Executive Online)

As the use of big data and analytics in HR rises, so do the potential problems that could arise. But that doesn’t mean HR should avoid data. “While the growing use of so-called big data could cause potential legal problems for employers, experts in the area of employment law and data privacy agree that, despite those risks, it offers such a compelling competitive edge that getting it right needs to be a critical HR objective,” says Tom Starner. Learn more in his post on the HR Executive Online blog.

Human Resources Needs a Common Language for Managing Business Data (Oracle HCM)

One of the biggest problems HR faces when it comes to data is that there are no shared terms or definitions, which are things that other business areas (like finance and accounting) already have in place. Luckily, Human Resources is starting to move in that direction, as the use of data analytics rises. This post on the Oracle HCM blog takes a closer look at this important step for HR.

Why Executives Don’t Trust Their Own Data And Analytics Insights (Fast Company)

Companies of all sizes are using and investing large amounts of time and resources into data and analytics. But there is a problem with this trend. “According to a recent survey of over 2,000 data and analytics (D&A) decision makers in 10 countries by KPMG and Forrester Consulting, only 38% of respondents have a high level of confidence in their customer insights, and only one third trust the analytics they generate from their business operations.” Learn more about this interesting finding and what can be done to overcome it in this post from Fast Company.

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