Four For Friday: How To Approach HR Data and Metrics

Four For Friday: How To Approach HR Data and Metrics

Michael Altiero

How To Approach HR DataHR data and HR metrics: A common misconception is that they are one in the same. This is something that gets in the way of many HR teams’ success. Getting past the differences is the focus of this week’s Four For Friday.

These articles take a look at HR metrics and HR data, and how your team should approach, plan, and execute strategies for both.

Failing To Measure The Business Impacts Of Employer Branding (ERE)

“I am continually shocked and disappointed when I routinely encounter employer-branding efforts that completely lack accountability, because they don’t include metrics that prove the resulting measurable business and recruiting impacts,” says Dr. John Sullivan, author and professor at San Francisco State University. Learn about which employer branding metrics you should track and use in Dr. Sullivan’s post on the ERE blog.

How Hiring Managers Can Improve The Quality Of Hire (Andy Headworth)

Andy Headworth, Managing Director at Sirona Consulting, discusses the importance of the quality of hire metric and provides a few ways that hiring managers can help improve it. “There are however, a growing number of hiring managers that now understand the important part they can play in improving the quality of the hire, and who are working closely with their recruiters to help them do this,” says Andy. Learn more in his post on the Sirona Consulting blog.

Why You Shouldn’t Base Your Long-Term Recruitment Decisions on Short-Term Data (HR Grapevine)

“When you begin to reap the rewards of data-driven decision making, reporting can become somewhat addictive and it can be tempting to start monitoring performance daily and take, or recommend taking, action based on this short-term data.” This article explains that just acting on short-term data can be a mistake, and provides the following three reasons why:

  1. Seasonal fluctuations
  2. Candidate behavior is constantly changing
  3. External influences

Learn more about each in this post on the HR Grapevine blog.

5 Must-Measure Talent Acquisition & HR Metrics (Wilson HCG)

“If you’re not currently tracking recruitment metrics, start somewhere. Identify the important metrics, implement a process to measure them regularly and benchmark them against industry standards,” says the Wilson HCG staff. They go on to provide a few metrics you should be measuring and how to get started.

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