Four for Friday, February 27th

Four for Friday, February 27th

Data Driven Recruiter

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Every Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry influencers.

Are you starting to become a data driven recruiter? If not, that is ok! We are still in the beginning of our adventure, and we are glad you are coming along with us. We had some great posts this week, including a Q&A with Holger Mueller and an article on how data can help with your spending on job boards. Be on the lookout this upcoming Wednesday for our latest Q&A with special guest Ward Christman, Chief Advisor at HR Tech Advisor.

Also, do not forget to register for our webinar with Matt Charney “How to Become A Data Driven Recruiter” on Thursday, March 5th. Let’s get to the weekly roundup…

How Using a Recruiter Quality Index for Your Recruiting Team Drives Results and Delivers Transparency (
What is Recruiter Quality Index (RQI) and how can it be used to help your recruiting efforts? Learn more about RQI in this article from Rick Moore.

How Data Analytics is Transforming the Hiring Process (
Tom Marsden says, “Our belief is that data analytics, if used correctly, can make working environments better for everyone.” Find out how analytics can help build the best teams.

With Big Data, HR Departments Too Often Get Short Shrift (
JoAnne Kruse, Chief Human Resources Officer, American Express Global Business Travel, explains why many HR departments struggle with big data.

Hiring Managers: Recruiters Aren’t Working (
Did you know that 20 percent of hiring managers singled-out the “inability to track factors that influence candidates to apply” as the top recruiting challenge today? Learn about this and other interesting HR statistics in this article by Laura Entis.

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