Four for Friday: Exploring the Digital Transformation of Recruiting

Four for Friday: Exploring the Digital Transformation of Recruiting

Mike Roberts

recruiting with data and technologyEvery Friday, The DDR shines a light on the best data-centric articles and resources from across the internet, social media, and industry influencers.

More recruiters than ever before are starting to ask the question: “How do I use all of this talent acquisition data to do my job better?” The answer to that question can no doubt be found in tools like recruiting analytics. Such tools empower professionals to not just look at high-level trends, but to really dig into which recruiting strategies are getting the right people in the door.

This was the topic of our Q&A this week with CareerXroads Principal Gerry Crispin, and one that we’ll continue to explore in this week’s edition of Four for Friday.

1. Data analysis, engagement spur interest in talent analytics (TechTarget)

This week, TechTarget’s Dan Ring chatted with Josh Bersin, Founder of Bersin and Associates, now Bersin by Deloitte. The discussion revolved around the role of analytics and data analysis in talent acquisition and management. Bersin explains how companies are using analytics to be more proactive and predictive across the talent management lifecycle.

2. When It Comes to Big Data, Don’t Forget the Human Element (TLNT)

Kurt Rakos of SkyWater Search Partners addresses the current buzz around big data in recruitment, but takes a different stance than most pundits by advising to not to forget the human element in making decisions. He says, “Big data and people analytics have their place in recruitment but there is no substitute for human wisdom and experience.”

3. The Digital Transformation of Business Functions (

It’s no surprise that the digitization of business functions has only been accelerating. Courtney Hunt shares her perspective on how we’re still at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this transformation. We think it’s something recruiting leaders should be thinking about as they continue to refine their hiring strategies.

4. 4 Reasons To Get Excited About Cloud Technology In The Workplace (Forbes)

Working with the best talent no longer means working in the same room as the best talent. Ryan Westwood, CEO of Outbox Systems, shares some food for thought on how the cloud is breaking down barriers and connecting people in unprecedented ways. He also discusses what this means for recruiters.

Analytics in Talent Acquisition: The Hype, the Reality, and the Future

The way analytics and business intelligence tools are moving these days, you don’t have to be a data specialist to get insights out of them. This whitepaper shares key aspects of what talent acquisition leaders should be thinking about and looking for in solutions as they pave the way for the future of hiring in their organization.

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