Four For Friday: Are HR Analytics The Answer?

Four For Friday: Are HR Analytics The Answer?

Michael Altiero

Times are changing for HR and talent acquisition. To many, change is a scary and intimidating thought, but it doesn’t always have to be. Embracing new ideas can be the difference in a successful HR strategy.

But that raises a big question for Human Resources leaders: Are HR analytics the answer to most problems in 2016? While the answer will vary from organization to organization, analytics and data can help recruiting and HR succeed in today’s business world. We explore further in this week’s Four For Friday.

“Business Leaders Want HR Data To Be Like Financial Data” (HR Zone)

In this interview with Nick Shaw, Managing Director of CEB Global, UK & Ireland, HR Zone asks about the rise and importance of data use in HR. “HR need to find ways to make talent data more consumable, with clear guidelines for translating analytic insights into decisions and action,” says Nick. Check out this article on the HR Zone blog to learn more about HR data and analytics.

If HR Analytics Are The Answer, What Are The Questions? (Personnel Today)

“Every HR professional knows that analytics are becoming must-have capabilities – helping the function to do anything from identifying employees at risk of quitting to detecting potential fraud. A recent survey by Deloitte found that 36% of companies are now using people data to predict business performance,” says Jo Faragher, business journalist. This post on the Personnel Today blog dives deeper into HR analytics and how your team can get started!

How One Company’s Foray into Predictive Analytics Aids Retention (Aliah D. Wright/SHRM)

Real world examples of how analytics are impacting HR and recruiting are extremely powerful, especially for a trend that is trying to gain widespread adoption. This post by Aliah D. Wright, Online Manager/Editor, Technology at SHRM, takes a look at how the Anderson Center for Autism is putting predictive analytics to real use, and seeing positive business outcomes. Check out Aliah’s post to learn more.

People Analytics – The 2016 Bottom Line (Max Blumberg)

“HR analytics is more than simply data mining on employee efficiency. Beyond this it ultimately aims to provide tangible insight into the processes that define the day-to-day business operations – the pre-set actions taken that ultimately lead to the pence and pound on the bottom line. At its heart, it is about improving strategy and processes,” says Max Blumberg. Max goes into more details about people and HR analytics in his latest post. Be sure to give it a read!

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