‘We Hate Big Data’

‘We Hate Big Data’

Mike Roberts

Considering that Jibe’s Recruiting Analytics solution fits within the ‘big data’ sphere in recruiting technology, and our clients are using it to streamline and gain greater efficiencies in their recruiting efforts, that statement from our CEO may seem a bit shocking. But we really do hate the term big data, at least in its current nebulous, hype-tastic, it-could-mean-anything incarnation.

In this video, Jibe founder and CEO Joe Essenfeld sits down with RecruitingBlogs editor Matt Charney to talk about the true reality of big data in recruiting, and other recruiting technology trends. You can check it out here, or catch it over on RecruitingDaily.com.

As we’ve covered here previously, Jibe’s Recruiting Analytics isn’t all about big data. It’s about accurate and relevant data that can be easily digested and effectively put to use. Or, as Joe says in this interview:

“If we can take this big pool of data we’re creating and make it easy to process by only looking at data that’s actually relevant, and use that data to track meaningful metrics that help people do their jobs and recruit more effectively, we think that’s a win for everyone.”

That’s what Jibe’s Recruiting Analytics is all about. Check out the video for more. Also, the video has been edited down to its most salient points so that even the busiest professionals can view it without too much of a time investment.

See, we really are all about maximizing your time, whether through our recruitment technology solutions or our video content. Enjoy!

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