The mobile job seeker: What do they really want?

The mobile job seeker: What do they really want?

Mike Roberts

I mean, besides a job of course.

We’re just back from this year’s MREC13 Mobile Recruiting Conference in Atlanta and are happy to report that it was even bigger and better than last year. Clearly, this mobile recruiting thing is something worth paying attention to. But we’ve all known that for a long time now, haven’t we? It’s safe to say that mobile recruiting has gone well past the “trend stage” and has become a must-have capability for any and all talent acquisition teams. At this year’s MREC, the number of mobile recruiting solution providers increased exponentially from a year ago, and the speakers once again provided insightful and useful presentations.

In his keynote presentation on Tuesday, Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld shared stories and experiences from actual job seekers who have used their mobile devices to apply, or attempt to apply, to jobs within the past six months. The job seekers were culled from a spot survey conducted by Jibe. We then selected a few and put them in front of the camera to hear their stories directly. Here’s what they had to say:

Many of the frustrations and desires for a better experience expressed in this video are all too common for today’s mobile job seeker. Joe used the rest of his presentation to talk about what companies need to do to improve the process, and create a better candidate experience for the mobile job seeker.

Directly following Joe’s presentation, Jibe CMO Alison Shurell joined an esteemed panel to discuss “Tech Hiring Trends for Mobile Talent: What You Should Know.” A few key themes emerged from the discussion including the diversity of the mobile job seeker (they’re not just the young folks!), the importance of candidate experience and employer brand, and the increasing complexity and need for partnership and integration as it relates to the various systems used by talent acquisition professionals.

You can view both Joe’s presentation and Alison’s panel, back to back, in the following video:

We’re very excited about all that’s been accomplished in the mobile recruiting space these past few years, but there’s much more to be done. Hopefully, at next year’s MREC we’ll be sharing all our success stories with one another.

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