The HR Check-In: Keeping Your Hiring Process Up-To-Date

The HR Check-In: Keeping Your Hiring Process Up-To-Date

Emily Check

Hiring Process Tech MillennialsThe ultimate goal of any recruiting organization is to hire more, better, and faster. This requires a streamlined, up-to-date, and tech-savvy recruiting process. These four articles explain what talent acquisition teams should consider tweaking in order to have the most effective hiring process in today’s technology-driven age.

What Baseball Can Teach Us About Effective Hiring (

When it comes down to it, recruiting is a lot like America’s favorite pastime—baseball. How can organizations keep a “winning record” in recruiting? Talent acquisition teams must have a continuous flow of solid talent. Start by developing a “farm team” of talent that are ready to immediately accept open positions. Build a stronger candidate gravity, or pull on the market, to draw in more talent in less time. Empower your internal talent (team) and engage with external talent (scouts) to help with on-demand hiring of contract roles.

If Hiring Is Our Top Priority, Why Do We Keep Messing Up? (

Companies spend incredible amounts of money and time investing in their hiring process, yet they don’t always see the results they expect. Sue Bingham shares four ways to keep your hiring plan on track in this post. First and foremost, raise your hiring standards. Always adopt a peer review process and interview for attributes that match the job description. Consider incorporating work stimulations into the process for top candidates after the pre-screening round.

How to Streamline Your Recruiting Workflow (

We all know that recruiting can make or break a company’s success. This article shares 4 simple steps on how to streamline your recruiting process to yield the best possible results. Start with an assessment of your current process, then integrate the right tools, solidify a workflow that makes sense, and most importantly—track your progress.

How To Update Your Hiring Process For Tech Generations (

We hear a lot about Millennials these days, but a new generation of tech savvy workers is coming—Generation Z. Employers will have to make even more of an effort to appeal to these heavy tech users because of their experience growing up with unlimited access to cell phones, tablets and computers. This article explains three ways companies can tailor their hiring process to meet the next tech generation. Think mobile, social, and video interviews.candidate experience toolkitcareer site assessment

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