The HR Check-In: Taking the Candidate Recruitment Process Up a Notch

The HR Check-In: Taking the Candidate Recruitment Process Up a Notch

Emily Check

Employer BrandingHuman resources professionals are bombarded every day with content explaining the significance of candidate experience. But is it really that important? And how much does candidate experience really affect employer brand? This is a topic we explored earlier this week in the Jibe blog. In case you missed it, read it here.

This week’s roundup of Human Resources articles digs deeper into the data that backs up all of this candidate experience excitement and brings awareness to the issue of internal trust within the candidate recruitment process.

Steve Othen: Is the candidate experience really that important? (HRreview)

Should we really care about candidate experience? And how does it play into the candidate recruitment process? Steven Othen states four reasons why this isn’t just another recruiting buzzword. The most interesting finding comes from the CEB. Their data suggests that new hires who report a positive candidate experience apply 15% more discretionary effort and are 38% more likely to stay with the organization.

Candidates choosing employer brand over salary, finds LinkedIn (HR Magazine)

What do candidates really care about? In this brief HR Magazine article, Becky Firth recaps LinkedIn’s research findings—candidates are choosing brands with a positive employer brand over a higher salary. Not only that, but more than a quarter (26%) of candidates who had a bad experience when applying for a position with a company advised friends or family not to apply at that organization.

The Future of Employer Branding [STUDY] (Undercover Recruiter)

Summarized in the HR Magazine article above, employer brand is a crucial piece of the candidate experience. Jorgen Sundberg, the original Undercover Recruiter, explains research results from a Universum survey that asked HR professionals what the future of employer branding looks like. 36% of respondents said there is a connection between their consumer brand and employer brand today, and in 5 years 52% of respondents expect to see a connection between the two brands.

Internal Trust in the Talent Acquisition Process (Brandon Hall Group)

Ben Eubanks argues for integrated talent management practices within recruitment organizations. He stresses working with your talent succession planning team to ensure that quality candidates exist internally, but also externally in the recruiting pipeline so you are able to backfill positions and allow for promotions. He explains, “If I have a great employee who would be a candidate for development and upward mobility within the organization, but I don’t trust the talent acquisition team to find me a good (or even better) replacement for the individual, I may not push the employee toward the new opportunity.” Keeping this external talent pipeline robust requires a quality candidate experience and positive employee brand.

Interested in learning more about what it takes to build a modern candidate experience? Check out our new “9-Point Checklist for Building a Next-Generation Candidate Experience.”

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