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Google Cloud Jobs API: Smarter Job Search Using Machine Learning

When it comes to job search, job seekers and employers might as well be speaking two different languages. The job titles and descriptions employers use are fraught with company lingo and not intuitive to job seekers.  This creates a language gap between employers and job seekers. Making this problem worse, the job search on companies’ […]

Joe Essenfeld

3 Ways To Target Passive Candidates With Your Employer Brand

recruiting passive job seekers

There are many reasons why recruiting seems harder today than ever before, but passive job seekers might be the number one cause. These are candidates who are currently employed and not actively looking for a new job, but may be interested if approached with the right opportunity. Many recruiters struggle with trying to attract and […]

Michael Altiero

Get Proactive: 5 Tips for Recruiting Beyond the Job Posting

recruiting job posting tips

This is a guest post from Sydney Frazer, University Partnerships Manager at Glassdoor. Like many companies, you may have noticed that filling vacancies and hiring for new roles has become a longer, more involved process than it was just five years ago. According to the MRINetwork 2016 Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Study, the majority of […]

Sydney Frazer

The Recruiting Strategy that Will Get You a Promotion In 2017

2017 recruiting strategy

It’s about time we had a talk. We don’t necessarily want to be the ones to ever-so-bluntly say that your recruiting team is misallocating money, time, and other valuable resources. But you’ve left us with few other choices. So here it goes. We recently read a new study from LinkedIn. They surveyed several thousand talent […]

Mike Roberts

Think Candidates Don’t Judge You on Your Glassdoor Rating? Think Again

employer brand strategies

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we discover and learn about new products. Few people walk onto a car lot these days without first conducting deep Internet research on models, prices, and user reviews. In fact, 98% of online shoppers read product reviews before deciding what to buy. Online research is a way to […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

How to Start a Careers Blog Your Candidates Will Actually Read

start a careers blog

This is a guest post from Hannah Fleishman, Recruitment Marketing Manager at HubSpot. Check out her LinkedIn profile here and follow her on Twitter. The secret’s out: recruiting and marketing are tying the knot. In a recent survey from LinkedIn, employer brand was the number one thing companies said they would invest more in if […]

Hannah Fleishman

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