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4 (Totally Fixable) Reasons No One’s Visiting Your Career Site

It’s completely normal in today’s world to research each decision we make—most people won’t go out to dinner or see a movie without first reading reviews. The same practice occurs when people are looking for a new job. Today’s candidates are sophisticated and thoughtful. Research shows them using on average 16 different resources to make […]

Mike Roberts

HR Check In: The Balancing Act of Recruiting

How do the best employers attract qualified talent, retain top employees, avoid hiring mistakes, and plan for the future? It’s a balancing act across entire HR departments, and something that takes constant monitoring and re-evaluation. Fortunately for talent acquisition professionals, there are plenty or resources available at the click of a button to help make […]

Emily Check

Who Is Your Employer Brand Actually For?

Employer brand has become one of the most buzz-worthy terms in the world of HR professionals. This has a lot to do with the increasingly strong job market, which gives candidates more power and influence in the hiring process. In order to compete as an attractive company to work for, companies must create and maintain […]

Emily Check

HR Check In: How to Stay Relevant in Recruiting

HR processes and best practices change quickly in today’s world. What used to be a modern and effective way to attract and recruit top talent no longer works as well. This week’s roundup offers some simple, non-intimidating suggestions on how to stay relevant in today’s digital recruiting age. Handshake 3.0: Staying Digital in the Human […]

Emily Check

Employer Brand: Breaking It Down In Order to Build It Up

employer brand strategy

A company’s employer brand is in many ways a lagging indicator—one that’s influenced by hundreds, maybe thousands of variables. Consequently, you don’t just come into the office one day and simply decide you’re going to fix it. More likely, you will strategically work to improve one of the numerous areas that influence your employer brand. […]

Mike Roberts

HubSpot, Snapchat, and How to Not Be So Boring With Your Recruiting

interesting recruiting ideas

Over the years, applying for a job has evolved from a strictly paper-based process to a completely digital one. Just because we’re all avid Internet users now, and have probably become comfortable with the idea of applying to jobs online, that doesn’t mean employers should stop innovating and making the process better. But how? Let’s […]

Emily Check

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