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4 Social Recruiting Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

social recruiting predictions 2017

For most of its existence, social media has been a taboo subject for recruiting. However, over the last couple of years we have seen social recruitment on the rise. As a matter of fact, some companies even require social media experience for their talent acquisition positions. The main reason for this changing of the guard […]

Michael Altiero

Working Generations: Breaking Down Candidates Based On Their Age

generation breakdown by age

Candidates of all ages can be found in most workplaces. From entry level recent grads to Baby Boomers and some septuagenarians still clocking in every morning, the U.S. labor force spans multiple generations. And the dynamics within and between different generations are important for recruiters, as younger candidates constantly rise up to fill the shoes […]

Emily Smykal

5-Min Survey: The State of Employer Branding 2016

employer branding research

Interest in employer branding has been picking up steam at an exciting rate. Organizations seem more aware than ever that how job seekers perceive them as a place to work is a major factor in whether or not they’ll convert into candidates. In an effort to expand our community’s knowledge on this topic, we’ve launched […]

Mike Roberts

Interview Experience: 3 Simple Ways To Give Candidates What They Want

interview experience tips

The interview experience is an integral part of the candidate experience, and recruiters should pay just as much attention to this step as they do the rest of their talent acquisition strategy. So you have a gorgeous career website and a seamless ATS–what’s the point if your interview process leaves candidates turned off and dissatisfied? […]

Emily Smykal

How Small Business CEOs Are Catering To Millennial Workers

women millennial CEOs

Young workers between the ages of 18 and 35–Millennials–have quickly become one of the most coveted components of the U.S. workforce. They’re eager to find meaningful work and not yet jaded by decades of office politics. Plus they’re the most educated generation we’ve ever seen. So it’s no surprise that many CEOs of small and […]

Emily Smykal

Candidate-Driven Job Market: What Recruiters Need to Know in 2016

candidate driven economy

Much has changed since the Great Recession, including the job market. Compared to 2008, or even just a few years ago, candidates now have far more power during the job search. High demand for specific skills paired with extensive wait times to fill open positions mean applicants can be more selective about the roles they […]

Emily Smykal

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