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Announcing Jibe ATS Bridge: Here’s How We’re Fixing Candidate Experience

ats integration technology

TL;DR: Gone are the days of ATSs making candidates feel like they’ve been transported back to the early world wide web. You don’t have to be in the recruiting field to know about the outdated look and feel of applicant tracking systems, or ATSs. Although you may not hear candidates ever speak the letters “ATS,” […]

Mike Roberts

Mark Bissell: Why I Joined Jibe as the SVP of Customer Success

customer success in saas

When I tell people I work in Customer Success, those not familiar with SaaS tend to think I’m talking about tech support. But after I passionately explain that Customer Success is about proactively seeking out innovative ways to deliver more value to clients rather than just addressing complaints, they pick it up pretty quickly (some […]

Mark Bissell

Brian Cook: Why I Joined Jibe as the Company’s First CFO

brian cook jibe CFO

Since I made the move last month from Cleveland back to New York, a lot of people have asked me the same question, “Why Jibe?” In my career, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with a number of early and late-stage high-growth tech startups. Seeing their potential, and then driving those companies to capitalize […]

Brian Cook

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