Recruit Forward: Why You Absolutely Need to Revamp Your Career Site Now

Recruit Forward: Why You Absolutely Need to Revamp Your Career Site Now

Ivan Casanova

If you’ve been reading our blog and watching our Recruit Forward web series, then you know we’ve been advocating for recruiting teams to adopt a more digitally-focused talent acquisition strategy. How you utilize the web as a recruiting asset will dictate your success in 2016 and beyond.

What’s interesting is that at the center of every digital recruiting strategy is the career site. Whether its social recruiting, employer branding, SEO, email marketing, or something else, the goal is to get people to the career site and then hopefully to sign up for job alerts or enter into the apply flow.

In this episode of Recruit Forward, we discuss why so many companies are still struggling with career sites, and share some actionable advice for building a career site that will impress job seekers and turn them into candidates.

Need a New Career Site? Win One for Your Company!

If you’re feeling a bit behind the curve in the career site department, we’ve got good news for you. We’re giving away a one-year, commitment-free subscription to CareerSpace, our new product that consumerizes your career site candidate experience.

The winner will receive:

  • Career site: A state-of-the-art career site that shows off your brand and people
  • Mobile: Responsive web design that lets candidates view your site on any device
  • SEO/Landing pages: SEO-friendly landing pages candidates can easily find on Google
  • Candidate CRM: Recruitment marketing capabilities that let you grow your own sourcing database
  • Calls-to-action: Integrated marketing calls-to-action to lead candidates into your recruiting funnel
  • Modern search: On-site job search with filtering and autocomplete
  • Email marketing: A talent network with email marketing and drip campaign capabilities
  • Candidate nurturing: The ability to proactively engage with job seekers who visit your site
  • ATS integration: A career site that always shows your most relevant information

Enter before May 10 below:

*Note: all entrants will receive a complimentary career site assessment and an example of what their site could look like if they win

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