Outside-the-Box Ways to Use Social for Employer Branding

Outside-the-Box Ways to Use Social for Employer Branding

Michael Altiero

Employer branding is everywhere in 2016. The importance of branding in the recruitment of today’s job seekers cannot be understated. Yet, many companies are lacking when it comes to building a brand that candidates find appealing. This can have profound impacts on the success (or lack thereof) of talent acquisition.

There are many ways for companies to improve their employer branding, with a popular choice being the use of social media. And while Tweeting and Instagramming are a good start, companies and recruiters need to think outside of the box to attract the modern job seeker. Luckily, there are a couple of ways to do just that on social media.


One of the fastest growing social networks today is Snapchat. With over 100 million daily users and seven BILLION video views per day, it’s clear that this social network presents a tremendous opportunity for recruiting and talent acquisition. But how can recruiters use it to help with employer branding?

We decided to ask an actual recruiter, one who uses Snapchat regularly in his recruiting strategy. Jose Watson, Market Recruiter at Lowe’s Companies, Inc., routinely and effectively uses social media to recruit talent, and Snapchat is no exception:

“Through Snapchat I am humanizing our employment brand. My stories reveal what the culture is like through raw video of real employees. Whether it is through a day in the life of an employee or Tuesday Tools for Success (Career advice) viewers receive insights into what it means to be a part of our team. I take it a step further by interweaving those stories with ones that allow potential candidates to get to know me. Yes I am a recruiter, but through my stories viewers learn that I am also a father, runner and college football addict.”

“My stories breed 1-on-1 conversations where individuals will ask simple questions like ‘Do all your locations celebrate new employees like that?’ to ‘How do I apply?'”

These are great examples of how you, too, can use Snapchat in your recruiting strategy.

Periscope/Facebook Live Video

Another fast growing tech in social media is live video. At the forefront of this quickly growing trend is Periscope (owned by Twitter) and Facebook Live Video. Both of these tools offer their own unique ways of boosting your employer brand.

Candidates always want to know what your company culture is like, and live video is the newest and perhaps most direct way of doing that. Live streaming a company meeting or company retreat can provide tons of value for your employer branding and recruiting efforts. The key thing, though, is to decide which platform you want to use.

Periscope is the more established of the two right now, and has its own standalone app that syncs with your Twitter accounts for instant and easy sharing of live video. They recently announced that users watch over 110 years worth of videos every day. Facebook Live Video, on the other hand, is new. For a while, only celebrities and big brand names were able to share live video. However, Facebook has recently announced that they will open this feature up for all users as they plan to make live video streaming a big part of their business model.

So which should you choose? That will depend on which platform you feel more comfortable with and which one you have a larger and more active following. But taking advantage of the live video craze can provide you with a recruiting advantage and employer branding boost in 2016.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

As candidates continue to gain more and more control in the job search process, recruiters will need to step outside of their comfort zone and try new things to attract top talent. While you certainly don’t have to try Snapchat or live videos, thinking of new and engaging ways to recruit will become crucial to talent acquisition success.

Also keep in mind that today’s (and certainly the future) job seeker has different expectations than those of 10 years ago. Meeting them on their turf is a great way to boost your recruiting efforts, both in 2016 and beyond!

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