Infographic: How to Attract Talent in a Millennial Workforce

Infographic: How to Attract Talent in a Millennial Workforce

Mike Roberts

According to Pew Research Center’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, Millennials have officially overtaken Generation X as the largest component of the workforce. In the first quarter of 2015, the data showed 53.5 million Millennials in the workforce, versus 52.7 million Gen Xers. This is the first time those ranks have changed.

Considering that some of the defining characteristics of Millennials are their unprecedented aptitude for and access to technology, this data is good news for companies that have taken the time to modernize their recruiting strategies. On the other hand, though, it’s quickly raising concern for companies that are stuck in the past.

While there are many areas in which recruiting organizations could invest their resources to better attract Millennials, one that’s uniquely connected to this generation is the candidate experience on your careers site. In particular, Millennials have incredibly high digital expectations, and this creates an opportunity to stand out.

If you are behind in this area, the good news is a very large number of the world’s leading companies are, too. And with the business case for building a next-generation candidate experience becoming more concrete by the day, the window of opportunity for creating a competitive advantage in attracting talent is wide open.

In case you’re wondering which side of the candidate experience fence your organization stands on, our new infographic should clear things up.

Is Your Candidate Experience Meeting Job Seekers’ Digital Expectations?

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Taking the Next Steps In Your Talent Acquisition Journey

As any recruiter knows, the goals behind identifying, attracting, and engaging talented individuals have remained fairly consistent over the years. But the ways in which those tasks are executed and the technology available to support talent acquisition professionals’ efforts have evolved significantly. The candidate experience of your careers site is a perfect example of this.

With the number of Millennials in the workforce growing by the minute, the cost of continuing with an outdated candidate experience is growing analogously. To learn more about the key elements of a next-generation candidate experience, read our new eBook, “10 Ways Your Mobile Recruiting Experience Is Driving Talent Away.”

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