HR Imperatives #3: Starving for Data

HR Imperatives #3: Starving for Data

Mike Roberts

This week on the Jibe Blog we are running a 3-part video series highlighting the key imperatives to take into consideration when surveying the ever-expanding HR and recruiting technology landscape. Today, we look at recruiting analytics in “Starving for Data.” 

“It’s very difficult to aggregate this data in the ATS.” — Joe Essenfeld, Jibe CEO 

Jibe CEO Joe Essenfeld recently sat down with HR Executive Magazine to discuss the state of HR Tech. In this clip, Joe discusses the role of data and analytics in talent acquisition. Over the years, Jibe has helped process millions of applications for some of the world’s leading employers. As such, we’ve learned a lot about what data matters most to talent acquisition professionals, and how best to get at that data. Here, Joe talks about how Jibe’s work with some of the most innovative recruitment practitioners in the world helped shaped the development of Jibe Insights.

Check out the following excerpt on data and analytics, and view the complete interview with Joe Essenfeld to learn more about the most vital HR imperatives to consider today.

Be sure to check out the full interview with Joe Essenfeld and get current on the state of all things HR Tech.

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