HR Check In: Taking Social Recruiting to a New Level

HR Check In: Taking Social Recruiting to a New Level

Emily Check

Social recruiting has definitely become a hot topic in the human resources space. It makes sense – why wouldn’t talent acquisition teams want to take advantage of these free and highly accessible tools to attract more talent? This week’s round up pulls four articles that explain the influence of social tools on recruiting and how to measure the results of your efforts.

The Influence of Twitter on Employer Branding & Finding Talent (HR Grapevine)

35% of Twitter users are active on the platform for professional purposes. Candidates are out there on Twitter looking to network and learn about new companies and potential opportunities. This provides recruiters with a unique chance to paint a picture about their company’s brand. A useful piece of advice from this HR Grapevine article—encourage your recruiters to think like marketers on social media. Especially on outlets like Twitter, there is significant room to format content to make a discrete sales pitch on working at their company. Also, being engaging on social channels shows a more human side of the organization.

Recruiter’s Increasingly Rely on Social Media to Find Talent (CIO)

According to the 2016 Global Recruiting Survey, social media has pulled ahead of most typical recruitment tools. The study, conducted by Alexander Mann Solutions, found that 37 percent of recruiters felt their primary source for finding talent was social and professional media outlets. This article sums up the results of this survey that looked at 998 recruiting professionals around the world and how they recruit talent. The report shows some interesting changes in the way recruiters are sourcing their candidates, especially using social media.

Newly Launched Twitter Engage for Better Twitter Analytics (Recruiting Tools)

Twitter for recruiting purposes tends to be hit or miss—some talent acquisition teams have great success reaching out and engaging with talent using it, and others just don’t understand it. There’s recent good news in the social recruiting world, though. Twitter just announced the launch of Twitter Engage, which is a tool that provides real time data and insights that allow users to get to know, connect with, and build target audiences. This gives recruiters a way to form better relationships with candidates and influencers alike.

Recruiter’s Catch 22: How to Define Your Social ROI (ERE Media)

Social recruiting has become a core component of the marketing strategy for many talent acquisition teams and has shown to increase candidate quality by 44% and improve time to hire by 34%. Even despite these impressive numbers, many companies still aren’t investing the time and effort into recruiting on social channels, mainly because of the perceived inability to measure the return on investment of these efforts. This ERE Media article does a great job of explaining how talent acquisition teams can get out of this “catch 22” by defining how to measure their social ROI.

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