HR Check In: Why Your Company Needs to Invest in HR Tech

HR Check In: Why Your Company Needs to Invest in HR Tech

Emily Check

Companies invest in new technology all the time, and for a variety of different reasons. But how about integrating better, smarter, and faster technology resources to help you attract top-notch talent? Sure, this might mean tapping into your budget, but chances are the investment will pay itself off with the improvements you’ll see in cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, and retention rates. This week’s roundup includes articles that all point back to the same common idea: investing in modern HR technology is worth the time, effort, and spend.

The 4 Things You Need to Know for a Better Candidate Experience (Undercover Recruiter)

In a recent CareerBuilder survey, 82 percent of employers replied that they thought there was little to no impact on the company when a candidate had a bad experience in the hiring process. This couldn’t be farther from the truth—in reality 69 percent of job seekers say they are less likely to buy from a company that they had a bad experience with in the hiring process. This means companies aren’t just losing job candidates but customers as well. This article breaks down four areas for improvement to avoid this loss within your candidate funnel.

9 Reasons Why Companies Need to Invest in HR Tech (Recruiting Blogs)

The responsibility of your HR team is no longer limited to finding, recruiting, and retaining top talent. It has grown far beyond that to include promoting open jobs to the most qualified candidates. According to this Recruiting Blogs post, companies must invest more in their HR technology for the following reasons:

  1. Ability to administer effectively
  2. Using intelligence to find employees online
  3. There is no time HR employees to do the work manually
  4. Ability to measure engagement through data
  5. Ability to use & analyze data proactively
  6. 360-degree employee evaluation
  7. Focus on new talent
  8. Mobile recruiting
  9. Reduced cost

5 Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2016 (Glassdoor)

Glassdoor recently released a list of trends that they think will impact how people will find jobs and how employers will recruit this year. Here’s what employers should consider this year before recruiting really heats up:

  1. Job seekers will do more research
  2. Employers offering transparency will have the recruiting edge
  3. Equal pay will take center stage
  4. Benefits and perks will matter more
  5. Job searching on mobile devices will only increase

Debunking 5 Mobile Recruiting Myths (Blogging4jobs)

Chances are your candidates and job seekers rely on mobile for the majority of their life activities, whether that be social media communication, managing their work and personal calendars, booking doctor appointments, or researching other important information on the go. Even though mobile is everywhere these days, some HR teams are still skeptical about the need for mobile in their processes. This post describes five myths about mobile recruiting that can be laid to rest.

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