HR Check In: Technology and Analytics in the Workplace

HR Check In: Technology and Analytics in the Workplace

Emily Check

Technology and analytics are two crucial aspects of any successful human resources department. We are constantly seeing the introduction of new technology designed to simplify and improve the way companies recruit, hire, train, and develop their employees. With most new technology comes a complex pile of data and analytics to sort through, which can be overwhelming. Take a look at these four articles for a modern take on how technology and analytics impact the HR industry.

Why Robots Won’t Take Over HR Recruiting Anytime Soon (PC Mag)

We all know it’s important to use a data-based approach to improve hiring. The process of replacing a bad hire can be extremely costly to a company. Unfortunately it’s not that easy to automatically match job seekers to the perfect position, which is why there is a multi-billion dollar recruiting industry devoted to pairing companies with candidates. It’s much more complicated than signing up for Pandora and having the system recommend music you might like. An ideal predictive analytics tool would find people whose skills, personality, work ethic, and desire for the job match a company’s requirements, culture, and needs. This article argues that the best approach to hiring could be using predictive analytics to better inform human recruiters, not eliminate their positions.

The “World First” Technology That Could Eradicate Face-to-Face Work Experience (HR Grapevine)

Learn about the latest ground breaking technology that could change the way students gain work experience in this HR Grapevine article. The LifeSkills Pod is a capsule that gives users ten-minute tasks to complete, related to skills such as networking, communicating decisions, resilience and professionalism. Students can chose one of five sectors: administration and law, health and public services, retail and commercial, manufacturing, or business. This whole idea comes from the statistic that 88% of businesses believe students are unprepared for the workplace.

Want a Better Employee Experience? Start By Simplifying Tech (

The reason we continue to innovate and use technology every day is simple—it makes things easier, especially in the workplace. However there are downfalls to incorporating too much tech into your organization’s workplace. If tech is clunky, with non-intuitive interfaces and weaknesses in the configuration, employees will become frustrated and suffer from an information overload. How can organizations solve for this? This article suggests HR professionals turn to “design thinking” to improve the employee experience. It’s time to start simplifying tech.

Employee Data You Should Be Tracking (Hirevue)

Many organizations (especially smaller ones) think they have a handle on all the employee information they need. However one important piece of data that many companies aren’t tracking accurately or effectively, is turnover rate. Sudden turnover rates aren’t always a bad thing, however if a certain department or role has a consistently high turnover rate over a span of years, this is something to be concerned with. If your company is struggling with high turnover rates, consider making organizational changes or changes to pay and compensation.

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