HR Check In: Recruiting Advice You Don’t Want to Miss

HR Check In: Recruiting Advice You Don’t Want to Miss

Emily Check

This week’s roundup of HR articles is not to be missed. We’re showcasing a dictionary of recruiting terms, a description on the best recruiting app on the planet, words of wisdom from the greatest tech company on how they recruit, and the magic number of interviewers per candidate. Go ahead, get reading!

Crelate’s Glossary of Terms for Professional Recruiters (HR Tech Weekly)

Now this is awesome. An exhaustive list of all the terms you need to know if you want to fully understand a conversation between one professional recruiter and another. As you might already know, abbreviations are not uncommon in the recruiting industry, think ATS, EEO, JD, SEO, etc. Recruiting professionals in the market for a new applicant tracking system or talent relationship management system will definitely benefit from a quick brushing up on these recruiting industry buzzword definitions.

The Best Recruiting App on the Planet (Linkedin Talent Pulse)

Human resources expert Lou Adler has explored and reviewed hundreds of different recruiting tools over the years, but he still thinks the most basic one of all—the telephone—is the most effective. However, many recruiters and hiring managers are not interested in picking up the phone and making phone calls to prospective candidates anymore. Adler argues that phone call recruiting is the single most effective way to raise the quality of hire while improving process efficiency. He offers some tips on how to love making phone calls. Check out a few of them here:

  • Convert strangers into acquaintances
  • Sell the discussion not the job
  • Tell stories
  • Stop the transactional box-checking

How Facebook is Recruiting Exceptional Talent Today (HuffPost Business)

Ever wonder how a top notch tech company with 13,000 employees and 49 unique offices around the world manages to attract the best talent every year? Here’s your chance to understand the method behind Facebook’s recruiting madness. First things first, Facebook sees it employees as valuable corporate assets. They put a serious commitment of time and effort into the recruitment process and use innovative approaches to attract new talent. Their standards are specific yet flexible, and they constantly embrace change. Read this article written by recruiting leader Meghan M. Biro for more details on why Facebook is so successful in always attracting superior talent.

How Many People Does It Take To Identify The Best Candidate (HR Morning)

According to a new study, it’s the more the merrier when determining how many interviewers to put in front of a potential candidate. Believe it or not, there is no diminishing point of return on how many different employees should meet the interviewee. However, it could get a bit awkward (and time-consuming) if you dumped 20 different people in front of a single candidate. So what’s the magic number? This HR Morning article claims that three reviewers should be involved in order to make the best choice on whether a candidate is a fit for the open position or not.

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