HR Check In: Getting The Most Out Of Your Hiring Process

HR Check In: Getting The Most Out Of Your Hiring Process

Emily Check

Aside from focusing on attracting and hiring the best talent for your business, it’s important to consider your HR strategy from all angles. For example, paying attention to employee engagement and turnover rates can have a significant impact on your overall bottom line. Also, building out a strong onboarding process for managers will help to improve employee happiness and reduce turnover. Providing a consumer level candidate experience, similar to the experience customers have when making a purchase online, will also help to increase the quantity and quality of applicants your company receives.

5 Steps to Creating an Onboarding Program For Managers (SHRM)

When a new manager is equipped with the education and tools for success, the entire company will benefit from higher employee engagement and lower turnover – both of which affect the bottom line. Many times, smart and technical employees are promoted to managerial positions without any training on how to manage a team. HR departments should avoid assuming that employees have what it takes to manage people, and should instead develop an onboarding program to help them focus on their own job while training and coaching their colleagues for success. The onboarding program should consist of skills training on things like workforce management and employment law. This article outlines a five-step process of designing a managerial onboarding process using the ADDIE acronym: assessment, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

Make Each Hire A Golden Opportunity (Aerotek)

We all know the golden rule—treat others the way you would like to be treated. That universal saying doesn’t only apply to personal relationships, but professional as well. In the hiring process, the most successful hiring teams will ensure they are treating their candidates exactly the way they would hope to be treated if the roles were reversed. However, only 35% of employers rank the candidate experience as a top three performance metric for talent acquisition. How do you make sure your candidates are having a positive hiring experience at your company? Start with the job description—including a clear description with detail on technical aspects of the position and information on culture fit.

Predicting Which New Hires Will Quit: A Checklist For Spotting Early Flight Risks (ERE Media)

Corporate America is currently experiencing the highest turnover rate it’s had since 2006. What does that mean for hiring managers? They need to proactively monitor new hires to understand which ones are flight risks, in an effort to reduce voluntary turnover. Once an employee leaves, it takes a staggering 29 days to refill that open position, because of the amount of opportunities available in the job market. The average tenure of a new hire is 4.6 years, and recruiters should constantly be working to improve their employee happiness and engagement to keep them around for even longer than the average time period.

Are You Treating Your Candidates As Customers? You Should Be (Alexander Mann Solutions)

This article does a great job of helping the reader to visualize a consumer level candidate experience online. Consider retailers, they’ve gone to extreme lengths to satisfy their customers, as the rise of online shopping has become even more prevalent. Retailers make sure that customers can make purchases easily and receive a personalized experience that makes them increasingly loyal to the brand. If you think of your potential talent as a customer, you must ask yourself if the career site experience and hiring process matches what they would expect from a consumer experience. Is there an interactive Q&A section of the site? Is the application “one-click”? Can they read employee reviews? Is the site mobile-friendly? All of the answers to these questions should be some version of yes if you really want to provide a consumer friendly experience to job seekers.

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