HR Check In: Four HR Industry Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

HR Check In: Four HR Industry Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Emily Check

The most successful companies are the ones that are always innovating, and never getting too far behind the rise of technology and changes in the fundamentals of the workplace. To stay ahead of the Human Resources curve, organizations must remain educated on the newest trends that can amplify their HR strategy. Get started with the four articles below.

New Approach to Wellness Programs Delivers Immediate ROI (Benefit News)

When employee wellness became a hot topic in the HR world, it included a variety of concepts designed to help employees understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. These initiatives were implemented with the hope that employees would begin to take an active role in avoiding nationwide epidemics like obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking. Unfortunately this ended up adding costs to employer benefit programs and took longer to achieve a return on investment than the average employees tenure. This article explains several ways companies can make use of simpler programs that will deliver tangible results with nearly immediate cost savings.

Here’s Why HR Cloud Software is The Future (Jazz Notes)

If you haven’t already been convinced to move some of your HR processes to the cloud, think again. This post by Jazz Notes explains why cloud-based technology makes the most sense in our economy today, and the Human Resources industry is no exception. Cloud technology offers an easily accessible, shareable system that offers a simple way to scale up as your business grows. It can house employee data in a safe way on extremely secure severs, and with the right authentication an employee can access it from any device. Still not convinced? Imagine having access to one, easy-to-use platform that gathers big picture data about your hiring process. Pretty cool.

New HR Trends are Reshaping Business (Raconteur)

As digital technologies, workforce demographics, and business models continue to change the foundation of companies around the world, HR teams must fundamentally restructure the way they operate. After a year of research and dozens of interviews, Raconteur discovered that many companies are shifting from top-down hierarchies to groups of teams where employees work in smaller groups and are dedicated to a mission which binds them through the specific culture, leadership, and goals. Another trend discussed in this article revolves around people analytics, which is the process of using data to make better management decisions. This year, more than 30 percent of the companies surveyed are building predictive models of behavior.

Five Things You Need To Know About The Future of Work (Virgin)

In the last 18 months, the HR team at Virgin Unite has worked with the B Team to build a collection of organizations, including 30 businesses and 50 business leaders to develop The New Ways of Working report. The team learned the following 5 takeaways about the future of work:

  • People will want to work for an organization that has a purpose
  • People will expect long term growth
  • We will have to help manage the “always on” culture caused by technology
  • “Hybrid leaders” will be in demand
  • The concept of a job for life won’t exist

The report also includes some interesting graphics on the future or work and what your employees will desire and expect now and in the coming years.
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