HR Check In: Candidate Experience Tips to Make Recruiters’ Lives Easier

HR Check In: Candidate Experience Tips to Make Recruiters’ Lives Easier

Emily Check

Candidate Experience RecruitingAll four contributors to this
week’s HR Check-In have one thing in common: they want to make the life of a recruiter easier. Every talent acquisition team is striving for that perfect candidate experience, how to draw the best candidates in and provide them with a simple, seamless, and positive experience—from start to finish.

It starts with effectively marketing your employer brand, and learning the how, what, and when for leveraging content to connect with candidates. Talent Acquisition teams must understand the power of the process, in recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. A unified and well-thought out process is what makes a candidate experience stand out.

Four Ways to Make Candidate Experience A Recruiting Brand Win (Forbes)

Meghan M. Biro, an industry thought leader for the HR community, explains four simple parts of the candidate experience that everyone is capable of doing a better job at. The most simple and obvious, treat your candidates better. If you don’t, they will certainly go out of their way to discourage others from applying. Secondly, don’t ignore the social and mobile revolution. If you want new candidates, you’re going to find them on their mobile device in the midst of a Google search. She urges organizations not to underestimate the power of a seamless interview process with a swift follow-up process. Finally, she asks the recruiter to consider the job search process through the eyes of the actual job seeker.

Why “Show, Don’t Tell” is the Golden Rule of Recruitment Marketing (Recruiting Blogs)

The way people market has made an instrumental shift from being an outbound focused effort to an inbound strategy, and recruitment marketing is no exception. How can recruiters use inbound marketing techniques to attract the highest quality candidates in a steady stream? Content marketing is key. This doesn’t mean forcing your best recruitment messages on the laps of eager job seekers, but rather creating dynamic content (videos, blogs, social media accounts, job descriptions) that draw candidates into your career site and entice them to apply.

4 Ways to Streamline Your Recruiting Process (The Hiring Site Blog)

The struggle for work-life balance seems as if it’s becoming increasingly more difficult as our digital world expands—sometimes it feels like there are no boundaries between work and outside life. Laurie Ruettimann, on a mission to win this battle, offers four suggestions for recruiters to streamline their processes and save valuable time each day. Incorporating these actions into the hiring process will not only improve the experience of the recruiter, but also improve the experience of the candidate, by providing an efficient, uncomplicated, and transparent hiring process. Key drivers of a streamlined recruiting process include practicing strategic planning and being selective in decisions on distribution channels and HR technology.

Improve Candidate Experience With Better Onboarding (Click Boarding)

Candidate experience doesn’t start and stop with the application process. It encompasses the entire process from beginning to end—search to onboarding. Christine Marino, Chief Revenue Officer for Click Boarding, shares results from a recent career builder survey that solidifies the idea of candidates being less likely to buy and recommend products from companies with poor candidate experience. The most important thing for recruiters to remember is that it’s not just about the candidates you convert, but also about the ones you don’t. A disgruntled applicant can have a domino effect of negativity on your employer brand. However, the good news is that building out a robust onboarding process will naturally enhance your candidate experience.

Interested in learning more about what it takes to build a modern candidate experience? Check out our new “9-Point Checklist for Building a Next-Generation Candidate Experience.”

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