HR Check In: 4 Tips for Adding Value to Your Candidate Experience

HR Check In: 4 Tips for Adding Value to Your Candidate Experience

Emily Check

Recruiters should always be evaluating how they interact and engage with candidates in their talent pipeline. The most proactive recruiters will nail the obvious candidate experience improvements first, and then focus on more creative ways to make candidates feel appreciated and engaged in the process. For an exceptional candidate experience, companies will incorporate as many meaningful touch points as possible – through social media, content, and consumer-level communications. Read these four articles for more information on how to add value to your recruiter-candidate relationships.

Candidate Experience and The Application Process: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong (Social Talent)

Today’s candidates expect a more proactive, multi-touch approach in the hiring process. This article provides four examples of things you may be doing wrong in your hiring process. Providing candidates with vague, or redundant information about the job will cause confusion and frustration. Candidates want to know the exact requirements of the role, sans any jargon like “hit the ground running.” A more obvious no-no is a tedious and long application. Candidates aren’t going to spend the time to answer 85 questions for a job they might not even get, especially on a mobile device. A failure to communicate with the candidate throughout the process is also a major turnoff.

Why Can’t the Candidate Experience Be More Like This? (Blogging4Jobs)

Jessica Miller-Merrell offers an interesting take on the candidate-consumer comparison. She describes her experience as a consumer of a modern shoe company called Tieks. The customer service team communicated with her throughout every step of the process and provided an exceptional customer experience. Although the bar is set relatively low for the experience provided throughout the recruitment process, that doesn’t mean recruiters shouldn’t make an effort to wow their candidates by providing an experience that’s easy, relatively quick, fair, and honest.

4 Ways Recruiters Add Value to Candidates (The Searchologist)

We know the obvious ways recruiters can add value to the candidate relationship, by providing great job opportunities, honesty, timely responses, etc. But what many recruiters struggle with is how they can add value in a more unique and personal way. Try these four suggestions:

  1. Offer advice through blogging
  2. Solve a problem
  3. Get involved in events
  4. Share relevant content

How Recruiters Can Get Started With Social Media (Undercover Recruiter)

The majority of companies leverage social media tools to promote their brand and spread the word about their business, however not all of these companies have discovered how to use these familiar tools in the realm of recruiting. Of course, social recruiting doesn’t make sense for all industries. It comes down to identifying and understanding your target audience, and determining where they spend their time online. In most cases, candidates are expecting to see your brand on social channels, and are pleasantly surprised when you’re sharing engaging and relevant content about what it’s like to work at your company.

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