Now Google Machine Learning Can Power Your Career Site (No, You’re Not Dreaming)

Now Google Machine Learning Can Power Your Career Site (No, You’re Not Dreaming)

Mike Roberts

Career sites, often with outdated user experiences, have been costing employers missed candidates for far too long. That all changes today. This morning marked the official release of Google Cloud Jobs API, a solution that uses machine learning to simplify job search and connect job seekers with better matches on company career sites.

We’re happy to announce that Jibe plans to collaborate with Google to offer turnkey adoption of this new solution for employers, streamlining integration between applicant tracking systems (ATS) and Google Cloud Jobs API.

For talent acquisition leaders who feel like they’ve been held captive by the limitations of their ATS, Google Cloud Jobs API is the key to your freedom—or rather, more qualified candidates that can find the right jobs faster on your career site.

The Trouble With Career Sites Today…

Rapid advancements in digital and mobile technology continue to raise the standard for what consumers deem “quality” experiences on the web.

Employers seem to forget that these consumers are also prospective candidates. And the moment they come in contact with your ATS is typically the moment they decide to leave your career site.

At Jibe, we’ve seen more than a quarter billion career site visitors pass through our candidate experience platform over the years. Analysis of behaviors and clicks shows that consumerizing and modernizing search and apply experiences can result in dramatic improvements on conversions.

Talent acquisition leaders have been waiting for a simple solution to this challenge.

Enter the Google Cloud Jobs API

Google has built a machine learning model using open, public data such as public job listings. Its model is structured to identify the relationship between many items of career relevance—skills, preferences, seniority, location—and helps to surface more relevant jobs.

Google Cloud Jobs API is the newest member of the Google Cloud Machine Learning family. It provides better search results and returns jobs that candidates are more likely to apply to.

Jibe’s mission is to consumerize candidate experience. We started with mobile, then moved to helping companies with SEO, recruitment marketing and most recently the entire career site.

Our differentiation has always been ATS integration. Our ability to integrate ATS data with Google Cloud Jobs API will accelerate adoption of this game-changing solution.

As our CEO, Joe Essenfeld, said, “Integrations have been roadblocks to innovation in HR for too long. Jibe has simplified this process, so now any enterprise client can seamlessly deploy Google Cloud Jobs API as a turnkey solution, for their career site.”

Jibe’s ATS integration with Google Cloud Jobs API machine learning technology is a win for the recruiting technology industry. Job seekers get a better candidate experience. Employers get better candidates.

For those organizations interested in learning more about how the Google Cloud Jobs API can be used on your career site, click here or follow the button below:

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