The Future Is Now, How APIs and Machine Learning Can Change Talent Acquisition

The Future Is Now, How APIs and Machine Learning Can Change Talent Acquisition

Ivan Casanova

Earlier this week in San Francisco, Jibe participated in a Google press event and the launch of new machine learning APIs for the Google Cloud Platform. Specifically for enterprise HR, Google announced its Google Cloud Jobs API which understands which of a company’s jobs best match a jobseeker’s preference.

For talent acquisition leaders machine learning might seem like something out of a sci-fi movie. Simply put, machine learning is software programs that get smarter and make better recommendations as they are exposed to more data. Examples of machine learning are recommendations for Facebook friends, Netflix movies, AirBnB listings or Amazon products. The more you interact with these recommendation engines, the smarter they become.

Career site job search is a big part of the work that we do here at Jibe, our mission is to provide the best candidate experience for job seekers. Analytics show that organizations that invest in candidate experience enhance their brand perception and optimize investments in talent acquisition.

Jibe has invested heavily in ATS integration, we believe that enterprises benefit when locked up, hard-to-use ATS data is made extensible. The Google Cloud Jobs API, combined with Jibe’s ATS integration takes the sci-fi concept of machine learning and makes it practical for enterprise recruiting organizations today.

With Google Cloud Jobs API and Jibe, enterprises can create a candidate experience that anticipates what job seekers are looking for and makes recommendations that job seekers will like. Jibe serves the jobs from your ATS into Google and Google uses machine learning to understand how job titles, skills, location and seniority best match a job seeker’s intent.

The value to enterprises of machine learning is relevancy for users. No longer will job seekers have to guess what a job is called. Instead, the API will understand and interpret requests and then deliver the best results to users.

This is not science fiction, this is not a movie robot. Starting today, machine learning can power your career site.

For those organizations interested in learning more about how the Google Cloud Jobs API can be used on your career site, click here or follow the button below:

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