Chipotle Rides the Mobile Recruiting Wave

Chipotle Rides the Mobile Recruiting Wave

Mike Roberts

The “internet’s favorite fast food chain” now has a hiring process to match the expectations of it’s target customer base. In an announcement today, Chipotle reported that it has gone live with Jibe Apply to enable job seekers to submit completed applications via their mobile devices. The rapidly expanding “fast casual” chain saw upwards of 5,000 applications submitted via mobile devices in only its first week live on Jibe Apply, accounting for 20% of all applications received in that week.


With aggressive growth plans in place, including the expected opening of approximately 200 new stores in 2015, Chipotle knew it couldn’t miss out on attracting the increasing number of candidates who expect to be able to apply for jobs from their phones. By implementing a mobile apply solution, Chipotle is ensuring it reaches the best possible candidates, wherever they may be and whatever device they might be using.

Chipotle takes great pride in its unique company culture, often crediting it as a major contributor to the company’s exceptional growth. Offering a mobile apply solution is another key component to hiring the right type of employees to match this culture and build upon Chipotle’s success, as noted in today’s release by co-CEO Monty Moran:

“We are always looking to find top-performing candidates for jobs in our restaurants, and support departments,” said Monty Moran, co-CEO of Chipotle. “To get the very best applicants, it’s important to be accessible using the platforms that people are using. Increasingly, that means mobile.”

Chipolte Mobile_Apply_Screenshot Employees at the Chipotle restaurant in LoDo at 1480 16th ST. in Denver perform all the prep work needed to get ready for the lunch crowd on Friday, June 29, 2012. Getting ready for the shift meeting are from left to right, Josh Pisani, Angelica Mora, and

Hailed as the leader in a new breed of fast food restaurants, Chipotle champions innovation on all fronts. In that way, they are the perfect partner for Jibe and the latest to join a group of early adopters leading the way in the burgeoning mobile recruiting movement. Chipotle is a company continually looking to better the experience for its customers by examining its’ processes to make improvements, whether that’s their recently instituted four-pronged plan to make the serving process faster or the adoption of mobile recruiting to make the application experience better.

More on the new mobile apply capability from today’s press release:

Applicants can apply for any open position at Chipotle using their mobile device, including restaurant or corporate positions. Jobs can be sorted by location (to the individual restaurant level) or functional area. Using the location services in a mobile device, users can even find available positions closest to them. To simplify the application process, applicants can pull their information from a LinkedIn profile, or users can upload a resume using their mobile device.

Chipotle and Jibe share in a similar mission to offer the best possible user experience, whether that be for diners or job candidates. In that way, you could say our two companies go together like rice and beans. (sorry, couldn’t resist)

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Welcome to the Jibe family, Chipotle. We’re thrilled to have you. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to go order burritos for the entire Jibe office.

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