Brian Cook: Why I Joined Jibe as the Company’s First CFO

Brian Cook: Why I Joined Jibe as the Company’s First CFO

Brian Cook

brian cook jibe CFOSince I made the move last month from Cleveland back to New York, a lot of people have asked me the same question, “Why Jibe?

In my career, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with a number of early and late-stage high-growth tech startups. Seeing their potential, and then driving those companies to capitalize on what separates them from the rest of the enterprise software market has become a passion of mine. It’s what led me to meet Jibe’s CEO, Joe Essenfeld, and ultimately to join the company.

Not long before joining Jibe as the CFO, I held the same position at TOA Technologies, a cloud-based mobile-first workforce management solutions provider. TOA went through a high growth period and was then acquired by Oracle two years after I joined. It was an incredible opportunity to oversee the growth in revenue and people, the acquisition, and later lead the finance, legal, HR, and Admin functions through the post-merger integration with Oracle.

However, as an entrepreneur and a technophile, it wasn’t long before I got the itch to move onto my next project. I’ve led several tech companies through acquisitions as well as IPOs, and I wanted to continue on that path.

I identified the talent acquisition space as the place I wanted to be. As someone who’s hired many people, and led an HR function, I fully understand that human capital needs to be sourced. It needs investment. And the collateral damage for not getting that right from the very start—from the time talent first comes in contact with your job application—can result in unhappy employees and customers. That can catch up to you quickly.

What’s interesting about the talent acquisition technology space is that the Internet and today’s mobile, “always on” mentality has truly disrupted the way people search for jobs, and that’s created a whole new solutions category for recruiters outside of the traditional Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Where the ATS used to be a recruiter’s main tool, things like social media, search engines, mobile devices, and so much more have dramatically changed that.

That’s what excites me most about joining Jibe. Joe has been a step ahead of the market since he launched his next-generation job board back in 2009. And now with Jibe’s portfolio of consumer-grade enterprise SaaS solutions today—Mobile Apply, Candidate Connect, Get Referred, and more— Jibe continues to lead the charge on providing corporate recruiters with the best solutions for identifying, attracting, and engaging top talent.

So when people ask me “Why Jibe?” I know exactly why. In the talent acquisition space right now, we’re in fast water. That’s where I like to be. And if you’re not swimming with it, then you’re going to get left behind.
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