7 Things Your Candidates Expect To Find On Social Media

7 Things Your Candidates Expect To Find On Social Media

Michael Altiero

We’ve written a lot about how recruiters and talent acquisition can take better advantage of social media as a recruiting tool. From the benefits for employer branding to social analytics, we’ve explored the impacts social media can have.

But one area we have yet to discuss is perhaps the most crucial for talent acquisition: the candidate’s perspective.

When conducting their job search, research shows that most candidates use social media. In fact, a study from CareerBuilder last year revealed that 70% of candidates use social during the consideration phase of their job search process.

When they are searching, they expect to find certain things about your organization—things that could convince them to apply or deter them from doing so. In this post, we’ll highlight 7 things that job seekers expect to find on social while researching an opportunity.

1) Your Company Profiles

This is the most obvious one, but in 2016, job seekers expect your company to be on social media. Which social channels you should be on depends on which social channels your candidates use regularly. LinkedIn is of course a main one for many professionals, but not necessarily for hourly workers in industries like retail or construction.

As we mentioned over the past few weeks, going through a candidate persona exercise can help you figure out just where your candidates spend time online.

If job seekers are unable to find your company on social media, it could turn them away from applying. That’s a bad sign for candidates in 2016.

2) Your Employees (Especially Recruiters)

Once a candidate has found your company, they then start to look for your employees. Often they prioritize finding recruiters, especially on LinkedIn.

Connecting with recruiters on social media is a great way for job seekers to network and learn more about what it’s like to work at the company. Just about every recruiter is on social media to some degree, but typically how into social recruiting they are and well they’re projecting your employer brand is what compels job seekers to connect with them.

This leads us to the next thing job seekers expect to find…

3) Your Employer Brand

While some candidates might not purposely look for your “employer brand,” all candidates want to get a glimpse into what it would be like to be an employee at your company.

In 2016, social media provides the perfect way for job seekers to better understand your company culture. From YouTube videos to pictures of your company outing on Instagram, your social media accounts can be the perfect employer branding tools.

4) Company Content

Once a candidate finds your company on social media, you can bet that they will take a look at recent posts and shares. Content marketing is becoming more and more important, and it is no exception for recruiting.

Having original content and sharing it via social channels can provide job seekers with a better understanding of your company and also help build your employer brand.

The Talent Board’s 2015 Candidate Experience Research and Awards shed some light on the types of content employees prefer to see when they research companies.

why candidates apply to companies
Not surprisingly, almost 2 in 5 candidates want to know about your company’s values.

5) Jobs (Specifically on LinkedIn)

Yes, candidates do want to find open positions at your company when searching on social networks. LinkedIn especially is place job seekers can combine multiple areas of the job search and research process, so having open positions posted on your company page is crucial. It also doesn’t hurt to have employees share open positions via social media (just don’t overdue it!).

6) Social Interactions and Engagement

One of my favorite sayings is “don’t forget about the social part of social media.” I’m not saying that, as a recruiter, you accept every LinkedIn connection you receive from candidates, but job seekers today do expect some interactions to take place on social media. Twitter chats and LinkedIn groups, for example, provide a great way for job seekers and recruiters to engage with one another. And you never know, someone who you connect with now could someday become your candidate.

All 6 of these candidate expectations build upon one another and lead to the most important thing candidates expect to find from social media…

7) Reasons To Apply To Your Company

Whether you want to believe it or not, social media does play a part in whether or not candidates want to apply to a position at your company. Candidates can find out a lot just by searching and viewing your social media channels. When doing research, candidates are looking to find reasons why to or why not to apply to your company.

Use your company and employee social channels to give job seekers reasons to apply. Think of this way: if you were a stranger on the internet, would your Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram page entice you to apply to your company?

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