Jibe was founded on the principles of technology innovation. We have a keen understanding of the gaps in the marketplace, and it's in our DNA to seek out and solve customers' biggest challenges with thought, discipline and agility. Our recruitment marketing solutions leverage the latest technology to engage job seekers, synthesize data trapped in distributed systems and significantly improve both the recruiter and the candidate experience. Jibe's commitment to excellence and our ability to rapidly innovate enable us to deliver world-class products that are trusted by customers and job seekers around the world.

Gain Strategic Insight

At the core of Recruiting Intelligence™ is an analytics engine that takes recruiting data — regardless of where it resides — and translates it into actionable information. Our analytics dashboards provide everything from simple visibility to more sophisticated insights. Jibe Recruiting Analytics™ seamlessly integrates with your back-end systems to establish real-time data feeds, eliminating work that was previously manual. In addition, you can configure the dashboards to display the information that is most important to you.

Optimize the Candidate Experience

Your organization may be known as a great company to work for and highly sought after by the best talent, but if your mobile and desktop job application process is painful, potential candidates will abandon it and move on. To ensure you aren't missing top talent due to a poor user experience, Jibe Apply optimizes your job application process for both mobile and desktop users. In addition to enhancing your employer brand, you will also bolster your recruiting metrics.

Improve Recruiting Efficiency

Jibe’s portfolio of products delivers enhanced efficiency for your talent acquisition team. We focus on usability for both recruiters and job seekers. Clean design and simple user interfaces are the visual hallmark of Jibe products. From solutions that make job distribution quick and painless to on-demand analytics, Jibe’s products are designed to eliminate manual processes and help your team move faster and make better decisions.