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How the World's Top Companies Attract Talent

Jibe Insights

Recruiting Analytics to Empower Data-Driven Decision Making

Full visibility into your data drives more strategic and effective talent acquisition

  • Improve conversion and time-to-fill rates
  • Optimize ROI for job board and recruitment marketing spend
  • Gain deeper understanding of your hiring pipeline to improve overall performance

Jibe Apply

A Better Application Experience Results in More Quality Hires

Jibe clients consistently achieve higher applicant conversion rates with Jibe Apply

  • Deliver a seamless application experience across all devices
  • Integrated analytics to track application funnel performance
  • Maintain employer brand integrity across all channels
  • Pairs with your existing ATS

Jibe Post

Automated Job Distribution

Eliminate manual posting on job boards

  • Distribute job feeds to any job board
  • Direct from your ATS
  • Full compliance and audit support

Jibe Candidate Connect

Host Your Own Talent Network

See more hires from their existing pool of active and passive candidates

  • Reduce time-to-fill with better engagement
  • Optimize your outreach through targeted campaigns
  • Strengthen your database of contacts

Jibe Get Referred

The Only Candidate-Driven Referral Tool

Referrals are the best source for quality-of-hire

  • Leverage your employees’ social networks without imposing on their time
  • Increase quality-of-hire
  • Maximize efficiency through one-click referrals

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