Talent Network Super Secret

Talent Network

Spend more time building relationships and less time matching


Career site job searches do not always result in immediate success. Job seekers apply to your requisitions for which they are best fit or they abandon the site altogether.

Talent Network lives inside your career site affording job seekers the opportunity to opt-in to your job seeker community. Your talent acquisition teams leverage Talent Network’s machine learning algorithms for candidate identification and profile matching, affording them more time to use Talent Network for building relationships and nurturing top candidates.


Profile Matching


Talent Network indexes your ATS requisitions and allows recruiters to search for talent inside of your community using requisitions as input. Regardless of talent network size, Talent Network serves ranked sets of job seeker profiles to recruiters. The machine learning algorithm adapts to behavior specific to your talent acquisition teams and improves its matching power over time.



Using machine learning, Talent Network supports traditional keyword and location query inputs to generate sets of ranked profiles. Recruiters can further refine results by filtering profiles according to attributes such as: skills, detailed location, referral source, application submitted, and reviewed status (by recruiter) . As in job-based profile matching, Talent Network learns over time in response to actions recruiters take on profile search results.


Deep Profiles

Talent Network stores information with each profile beyond what is parseable from uploaded resumes and LinkedIn data.

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    Source information from your career site or web campaigns

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    Full message and activity history from recruiters-to-job seekers interactions

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    Live requisition hiring status information for community members having applied to requisitions

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Groups and Campaigns

Once Talent Network’s profile matching identifies relevant job seeker talent, the Groups and Campaign features empower your recruiters to organize like-sets of profiles into Groups and build email Campaigns to send to candidates.

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Talent Network Landing Pages

Talent Network provides your organization the ability to quickly create both campaign-style and permanent landing pages for encouraging job seekers to opt-in to your talent community. Its large catalog of configurable landing page templates gives you the ability to market to potential candidates in a style consistent with your brand.

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