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Telling the Story of a Data-Driven Future for Talent Acquisition

storytelling in talent acquisition

Subjectivity and talent acquisition have traditionally gone hand in hand, but that’s not necessarily because recruiters have an unusually amazing ability to make gut decisions. It’s more-so because the data required to make objective decisions has been hard to come by in the recruiting environment. With advancements in technology, as well as more awareness of […]

Mike Roberts

#RecruitWithData: DDR Set to Discuss Data-Driven Social Recruiting with Tony Restell

recuiting with social media

It’s an exciting time to be in the recruiting space. You can’t look through your news feed today without someone discussing forward-looking topics like social recruiting, recruitment marketing, career site optimization, and employer branding in the internet era. Our mission at the Data-Driven Recruiter is to view these topics through the lens of data, and […]

Mike Roberts

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