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Study: The Top 3 Metrics Recruiting Leaders Use to Measure Success

top recruitment metrics

The best leaders—and this most definitely includes recruiting and talent acquisition leaders—use data to guide their decision-making. There’s no excuse for not using data well in 2016, when we’ve got so many great tools to harness the numbers and put them to work. If you compete globally, you need to know about your industry’s benchmarks […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

Four For Friday: Talent Acquisition and HR Metrics To Improve Your Strategy

The use of metrics and analytics in talent acquisition has been trending upward for some time. What was once frowned upon (and even feared by many) has slowly become a necessity for modern recruiting teams. But there are still plenty of questions that remain for HR and talent acquisition professionals. Perhaps the most common question […]

Michael Altiero

Cost of Turnover: How to Calculate and Reduce the Metric

cost of turnover formula

Each time you share your organization’s relationships and intellectual property with a new person, you invest resources into developing that employee as a valuable part of your larger whole. This process is not entirely quantifiable. Yet people move freely in the jobs market today, which puts the cost of turnover on every recruiter and hiring […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

Four For Friday: Understanding Recruiting Performance and Metrics

How does your talent acquisition department measure recruiting performance? This question has been raised frequently over the last 12 to 18 months, with the answer varying from organization to organization. But one thing that is known is it’s really hard to measure performance without first tracking recruiting metrics. While each team tracks and measures recruiting […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: Take Advantage of HR Analytics

Metrics, analytics and data. Chances are if you’re an HR professional these are all you have been hearing about for months. You’re also probably wondering why they are such a big deal. We have explored that question in previous Four For Friday’s as well as other posts. But HR analytics remain something that HR teams […]

Michael Altiero

9 Recruiting Metrics Every TA Leader Should Be Able to Articulate

recruiting metrics and kpis

Learn about the different recruiting metrics and key performance indicators every talent acquisition manager should be able to understand and discuss. Read More…

Mike Roberts

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