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Four For Friday: Talent Acquisition and HR Metrics To Improve Your Strategy

The use of metrics and analytics in talent acquisition has been trending upward for some time. What was once frowned upon (and even feared by many) has slowly become a necessity for modern recruiting teams. But there are still plenty of questions that remain for HR and talent acquisition professionals. Perhaps the most common question […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: Predictive Analytics in HR

Of all the HR data trends that have grown in importance, perhaps none are bigger than predictive analytics. Yet it is also probably the least understood among HR professionals. Luckily, there are plenty of resources on the web to help you learn more, including those from Greta Roberts and Talent Analytics, Corp. (whose article we […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: How Can You Use HR Data? Let’s Count the Ways

How does your team use HR data and analytics? Chances are the ways you use it differ from how other teams from other organizations do. One of the interesting things about the use of data in HR is that there are so many different areas where it can be used. This week’s Four For Friday […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: The Rise of People Analytics

We have been sharing and writing a lot of content around people analytics so far in 2016. This growing component of HR analytics can provide a lot of benefits to organizations, including talent acquisition and recruiting. Yet, as with most other areas of HR analytics, there are still many skeptics. This week’s Four For Friday […]

Michael Altiero

Social Network Analytics… In 140 Characters Or Less

When most people hear “social networks,” they automatically assume you are referring to social media. But social networks extend far beyond the Internet. And these networks can and do have profound effects on organizations. This is why HR and recruiting should take notice of social network analytics when looking to implement a people analytics strategy. […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: People Analytics and Data-Driven Recruiting

So you want to become a data-driven recruiter? One thing we have seen in HR so far in 2016 is the growing awareness and need for analytics in HR. Talent acquisition is no exception. While tracking and measuring recruiting metrics (like time-to-fill, quality-of-hire, etc.) are a great start, understanding other important areas of HR analytics […]

Michael Altiero

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