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4 Steps to Building a Data-Driven Recruiting Team in 2017­

data driven recruiting team

Although business functions across the board are becoming more data-driven, recruiting has been (relatively) slow to follow suit. But in 2016 we saw tons of companies taking a more analytical approach to talent acquisition. This trend will hopefully accelerate in 2017. The simplest thing to do in the recruiting function is to make gut decisions, […]

Mike Roberts

Four For Friday: Preparing Your Recruiting and HR Teams For Analytics

A successful HR and recruiting analytics strategy requires careful planning and preparation. One of the most common reasons why analytics efforts in HR fail to meet expectations is that teams fall into the trap of using analytics just because it is the hot trend. This almost always results in a failed strategy. But with careful […]

Michael Altiero

Study: The Top 3 Metrics Recruiting Leaders Use to Measure Success

top recruitment metrics

The best leaders—and this most definitely includes recruiting and talent acquisition leaders—use data to guide their decision-making. There’s no excuse for not using data well in 2016, when we’ve got so many great tools to harness the numbers and put them to work. If you compete globally, you need to know about your industry’s benchmarks […]

Elizabeth Silas-Havas

Four For Friday: Rethinking HR Analytics for 2017

As we approach the end of 2016 and start thinking ahead to 2017, it’s impressive how much difference a year makes when it comes to HR analytics. When we started the Data Driven Recruiter blog in early 2015, analytics in recruiting and HR was at its infancy. But with 2017 just around the corner, the growth […]

Michael Altiero

15 HR And People Analytics Experts To Follow For 2017

people analytics experts

It’s hard to believe, but 2016 is almost at an end. This past year was a big one for analytics and data in HR. From numerous studies showing the use of HR analytics on the rise, to whole conferences being devoted to the subject, 2016 was certainly the year of HR and people analytics. This […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: Talent Acquisition and HR Metrics To Improve Your Strategy

The use of metrics and analytics in talent acquisition has been trending upward for some time. What was once frowned upon (and even feared by many) has slowly become a necessity for modern recruiting teams. But there are still plenty of questions that remain for HR and talent acquisition professionals. Perhaps the most common question […]

Michael Altiero

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