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Four For Friday: Overcoming Big Data Issues in HR

There are no two words that are causing more headaches in HR than Big Data. To many, just mentioning this phrase is enough to raise stress levels. So why do HR professionals even bother with Big Data? The benefits that data and analytics can provide to HR teams (and to the business as a whole) […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: Big Data for Recruiters

Big data can be an intimidating thought, even to those who have experience using it to its fullest potential. So it’s not too surprising that recruiting has been hesitant to embrace this growing trend. Yet, the advantages it can bring are hard to overlook. This week’s Four For Friday takes a look at how recruiters […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: What Does Big Data Tell HR Leaders?

The business phenomenon that is big data has impacted just about every department of organizations in 2016. Big data can allow leaders to gain valuable insights into what is and isn’t working, and what can be done to improve. And while HR has lagged behind in the use of data analytics, we are starting to […]

Michael Altiero

Small Data: Is It the Best Approach to Recruiting With Data?

recruiting with small data

Talent acquisition has a problem. It’s one that stumps many leaders, both inside and outside of recruiting. That problem, of course, is Big Data. What is it? How do you get started? How can my team leverage data analytics? All of these questions (and there are more!) hinder HR and recruiting’s ability to take advantage […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: Gaining Insights From Analytics

For many companies that are embracing data, gathering and collecting it is not the problem. Where companies tend to falter is figuring out what to do with the data once it is collected. And this problem is one that is halting many organizations from truly becoming data-driven. Being able to take actions and gain insights […]

Michael Altiero

Four For Friday: Data-Driven Decision Making

Every day people make decisions. Whether it is in a professional or personal setting, making decisions is an important part of life that can have profound impacts on future events. For business leaders, making bad decisions can mean the difference between having and not having a job. So how can they make the best possible […]

Michael Altiero

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